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Marginalisation of indigenous communities due to improper focus on their livelihood and resultant socio-economic crisis

Valley Dew Community Forum®- Mukkodlu

Mukkodlu village under Makkandhoor Gram panchayat was identified as wherein due to various reasons they have livelihood problems. A detailed purview of the economic status of the village was assessed through discussion with the members present. It was understood that the traditional ways of agriculture has was not economically viable and the farmers were exploring other avenues for livelihood. There was also large scale immigration out of this village and most of the farms are left fallow. There was also large scale sale of properties. It was felt that there was a need to initiate such activities which would retain the farmers. Through discussions it was felt that an integrated farming method was the most suitable option to provide a better livelihood means for the villagers. To start a community foundation activity, it was decided to initiate activities which would provide additional income to the farmers. The activities identified include piggery, poultry, dairying, apiculture, eco-tourism and home based crafts.


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